Tuition & Finance Info

Attractive scholarships options are available for the upcoming semesters! Please call 469-941-4940 or email for more information.

Pre-Medical Sciences Semester 1 – 4
Tuition $2500.00 per semester
Exam Fee $100.00 per semester
SGA Fee $50.00 per semester
Basic Medical Sciences Semester 5 – 8
Tuition $3500.00 per semester
Exam Fee $100.00 per semester
SGA Fee $50.00 per semester
Advanced Introduction to Clinical Medicine Semester 9
Tuition $4500.00
Exam Fee $100.00
SGA Fee $50.00
Clinical Sciences (Teaching Hospitals) Semester 10 – 15
Tuition $6750.00
General fees
Application Fee $75.00 (One time only)
Enrollment Fee $1,000.00 (One time only)
Graduation Fee $500.00 (Last semester only)

Other Expenses


While student housing is arranged by the University, the cost is not covered in the cost of tuition listed above. Student must be prepared to pay up to $600 USD for a housing deposit upon arrival in St. Vincent and between $300-$550 per month in rent while studying at AUS School of Medicine.

Health Insurance

Health Insurance is mandatory. Students can either enroll in the Insurance Plan provided via AUS ($125/semester) or provide proof of private coverage to the Bursar prior to commencement of current semester.

Clinical Attire

Clinical attire, consisting of lab jackets and scrubs, dissection kits and patient examination kits are a one-time expense of approximately $500.