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AUS offers an outstanding academic program, experiences, comprehensive scholar support, a friendly campus culture and environment that promotes student well-being, faculty and staff engagement, and community involvement.

About Our University

We are one of the most affordable and diverse universities in the Caribbeans with distinguished professors that provide student advisement and create an atmosphere of unsurpassed excellence.

The American University of St Vincent is an educational organization promoted by leading educators from all over the world. We are a collaborative consortium dedicated to the advancement of education through the development of new innovative educational methodologies.

MD Degree Program

We offer 4-year and 5-year MD degree programs. The first two years of the education are part of …

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Visa and Travel

St Vincent and the Grenadines can be reached by air through six major gateways – Barbados, Grenada…

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Academic Calendar

See American University of St. Vincent academic calendar for for important dates and deadlines.

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Once new students arrive in St. Vincent and settle into their new living arrangements. The students…

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Take a tour in AUS to discover why we’re the best university to get an advanced education. 

Self Development

Why Choose AUS?

We are a vibrant medical school in the pristine island of St. Vincent, in the Caribbean. With qualified and dedicated faculty at the helm, we are committed in our endeavor to nurture professionals who are passionate and devoted to excellence in their chosen field.

Self Development

We are a collaborative consortium dedicated to the advancement of higher education through the development of new, innovative educational methodologies. Our educational curriculum is created to foster self-development on all levels.


AUS welcomes students from all over the world. Our student population is proud of its diversity. Students of AUS come from all over the world including Canada, United States, Dominica, Nigeria, India, Ghana and more!


AUS is excited about its growing Alumni Body. This new community will be a building platform for AUS graduates. With AUS alumni, you’re sure of an extensive network of professionals from all over the world.

Basic Science

The goal of the basic science curriculum is to provide a broad-based foundation of knowledge on which students can build their understanding of the complex human biological systems on which clinical science.

Clinical Science

Students who complete the basic science curriculum are prepared to take the USMLE. Upon completion of the USMLE, students commence clinical clerkships in various teaching hospitals within the U.S.

Pre-medical Program

We hold and organize frequent information seminars in the major cities in North America, please see the schedule to see when is the next info session closer to you. You can also attend webinars which occur regularly.

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